Implement and maintain governance standards that are consistent with modern practices and the needs of the power supply cooperative.

Develop and maintain a high-performance workforce.

Financial Integrity
Strength, flexibility and affordability.

Generation and Transmission Assets
Optimize EKPC’s assets to deliver reliable and affordable energy from appropriately diversified fuel sources, and work with federal and state stakeholders to ensure the economic viability of EKPC’s existing and future resources to meet the challenges and opportunities surrounding climate change.

Rates and Regulatory Relations
Design equitable rate structures, closely manage rate levels and continue to pursue positive relationships with regulators.

Communications and Public Relations
Establish and maintain effective communications with owner-members, employees, customers and our broader communities.

Economic Development
Support the economic interests of EKPC and the members it serves, including strong support for the manufacturing sector.

Risk Management for Load Loss
Actively understand and plan for risks of potential future loss of load related to distributed generation and/or loss of load as a result of higher energy costs.

Cyber and Physical Security
Protect EKPC’s vital assets, inclusive of physical plant, electronic systems, data, and personnel, from physical or cyber threats posed by malicious parties.