Environmental Stewardship




Program Protects Kentucky's Rare Plants

EKPC is enhancing Kentucky's natural beauty by protecting threatened and endangered plants and flowers.

This effort began in 1995, when rare plant species were discovered in an EKPC transmission line right-of-way. Since then, EKPC biologists, project managers and right-of-way specialists have proactively identified these areas to help ensure that transmission line right-of-way building and maintenance activities do not adversely affect threatened or endangered plant species.

Right-of-way conditions are often advantageous to the rare and native species that grow there.

Protected plants include blazing star (see photo), white fringeless orchid and Kentucky glade cress. Kentucky glade cress is known to exist in only two counties on earth − both in Kentucky.

At EKPC, we don't just talk about corporate responsibility… we're doing it.