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Transparency Requirement

Chris Adams, EKPC's Supervisor, Power Delivery Planning, has accepted the position of Manager of EKPC's Market Operations Center (MOC). He will start in his new position on Monday November 14, 2016. Until then, he will need to access the MOC for planning and preparation meetings. Subsequently, Mr. Adam's access to EKPC's Energy Control Center (ECC) has been revoked. Should Mr. Adams enter into any discussions with an employee or employees of the MOC concerning EKPC's transmission system or another utility's transmission system that is not publicly available to all users of the OASIS system, he will request EKPC to post the contents of the discussion on the OASIS as soon as possible.

Shannon Johnson, a former Generation Dispatcher in the Market Operations Center, has accepted a postion as a Transmission Operator in the Energy Control Center. Mr. Johnson started February 9, 2016, in a training capacity.

During an EMS Failover Exercise to be held March 23, 2016, a designated EKPC Market Operations Center (MOC) operator will be located at EKPC's Backup Control Center with designated Transmission Operators. The MOC operator's presence is necessary to ensure the EMS operates as intended in the event of an emergency. During the exercise, the MOC operator will not have access to or be in communication with other MOC operators. Once the exercise has been completed, the designated MOC operator will be allowed to return to the MOC and/or communicate with other MOC personnel only after any and all commercially sensitive transmission information has been posted to the OASIS.