Environmental Stewardship




Snakes Alive! Venomous Snake Safety Presentations Enhance Professional Awareness, Safety

Due to EKPC's educational efforts, Kentuckians who work outdoors are learning more about snakes, and how to identify those that are venomous.

To provide this vital information, EKPC biologists conduct training sessions using live snakes so that utility workers and other professionals recognize which snakes are dangerous.

These presentations often include a live copperhead − one of our state's four native venomous snakes. The three others are: the western pygmy rattlesnake, the timber rattlesnake and the western cottonmouth.

The sessions are provided to co-op utility workers and to staff from organizations that recognize the important safety benefit of correctly identifying venomous snakes in the wild.

"Whether it's for our lineman's workshops, scholarship programs or Earth Day celebrations, the reptile program provides excellent curriculum for both safety and environmental education," said Michael Cobb, spokesperson for Owen Electric Cooperative.

At EKPC, we don't just talk about corporate responsibility… we're doing it.