CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Spurlock Station Ash Pond




Location Restrictions 257.107(e)

Placement above the uppermost aquifer

Seismic impact zones

Unstable areas

Fault areas


                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20181010_Location Restrictions Demonstrations


Design Criteria

Documentation or liner type 257.107 (f) (3)

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20160125_Liner Construction

Initial and periodic hazard potential classification assessments 257.107 (f) (4)

                Spurlock 2015_Hazard Potential Classification Assessment_REV 0_032416_Fi...

Emergency Action Plan 257.107 (f) (5)

Documentation of Annual Meeting with Local Emergency Responders 257.107 (f) (6)

Activations of EAP 257.107 (f) (7)

History of Construction of the Surface Impoundment 257.107 (f) (8)

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20160805_History of Construction

Initial and Periodic Structural Stability Assessments 257.107 (f) (9)

                Spurlock Ash Pond_20161031_Initial Structural Stability Assessment

Documentation of corrective measures to remedy a release or deficiency 257.107 (f) (10)

Initial and periodic safety factor assessment 257.107 (f) (11)

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161031_Initial Safety Factor Assessment

Design and construction plans, and revisions 257.107 (f) (12)


Operating Criteria

Fugitive Dust Plan 257.107 (g) (1)

                Spurlock_20151006_Fugitive Dust Control Plan

                Spurlock_20151006_Fugitive Dust Control Plan Supplemental Certification

Annual Fugitive Dust Report 257.107 (g) (2)

                Spurlock_20161201_Annual Fugitive Dust Report

                Spurlock_20171201_Annual Fugitive Dust Report

Initial and Periodic Inflow design flood control system plan (Impoundments) 257.107 (g) (4)

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161014_Inflow Flood Design Control System Plan

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161014_Inflow Flood Design Control System Plan Supplemental Certification

Initial and Periodic Annual Inspection Impoundments 257.107 (g) (5)

                Spurlock_Ashpond_20151228_Annual CCR Inspection Report

                Spurlock_Ashpond_20170113_Annual CCR Inspection Report

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20180112_Annual CCR Inspection Report

Corrective Measures to respond to a deficiency or release 257.107 (g) (6)



Annual Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Report 257.107 (h) (1)  

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20180131_Annual GWM & CA Report

Groundwater Monitoring System Design and Construction Certification 257.107 (h) (2)  

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20171017_Groundwater Monitoring System Certification

Certification of the Selection of Statistical Method (Groundwater Monitoring Plan) 257.107 (h) (3)  

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20171010_Statistical Method Selection & Certification

Notification that an assessment monitoring program has been established 257.107 (h) (45)  

                Spurlock_AshPond_20180815_Notification of Establishing Assessment Monitoring for Spurlock Impoundment

Notification that the CCR Unit is returning to a detection monitoring program 257.107 (h) (5)  

Notification that a constituent level is statistically significant 257.107 (h) (6)  

Notification that an assessment of corrective measures has been initiated 257.107 (h) (7)  

Assessment of corrective measures 257.107 (h) (8)  

Semi-annual reports describing remedy selection 257.107 (h) (9)   

Notification of remedy completion 257.107 (h) (10) 


Closure/Post Closure

Notification of Intent to Initiate Closure 257.107 (i) (1)

Annual Closure Progress Reports 257.107 (i) (2)

Notification of Intent to Close 257.107 (i) (3)  

Written Closure Plan 257.107 (i) (4)

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161013_Closure Plan   

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161013_Closure Plan Supplemental Certification

Demonstration for time extension to Initiate Closure 257.107 (i) (5)  

Demonstration for time extension to Complete Closure 257.107 (i) (6)  

Notification of Intent to Initiate Closure 257.107(i) (7)

Notification of Closure Completion 257.107 (i) (8)  

Notification of Recording a Notation on the Deed 257.107 (i) (9)  

Notification of Intent to comply with Alternative Closure requirements 257.107 (i) (10)  

Annual progress reports under the alternative closure requirements 257.107 (i) (11)  

Written post closure pond and any amendment of the plan 257.107 (i) (12)  

                Spurlock Ash Pond_20161013_Post-Closure Plan

                Spurlock_Ash Pond_20161013_Post-Closure Plan Supplemental Certification

Notification of Post-Closure Care Completion 257.107 (i) (13)  


Retrofit Criteria

Current Retrofit Plan 257.107 (j) (1)

Notification of Intent to comply with the Alternative Retrofit requirements 257.107 (j) (2)

Annual Alternative Retrofit Progress Reports 257.107 (j) (3)

Demonstration for time extension to Complete Retrofit activities 257.107 (j) (4)

Notification of Intent to Initiate Retrofit 257.107 (j) (5)

Notification of Retrofit Completion257.107 (j) (6)