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Co-op + Conservation = Commitment

Kelsey Silvers smiles with delight during the Conservation Clubhouse as she
holds a corn snake at Southern Elementary in Pulaski County


For Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, every day is Earth Day. We are committed to conserving our land, water and wildlife.

This year, we are once again taking that commitment to classrooms in our local communities through a program called Conservation Clubhouse. This new program from our 16 owner-member co-ops teaches students about everyday environmental sustainability, and features a hands-on presentation during which the students hold non-venomous snakes and reptiles.

The students’ faces beam with smiles as they hold corn snakes, as well as marbled and spotted salamanders, while a co-op biologist or trained professional teaches the class.    

In addition to learning about native animals, Clubhouse presenters also teach students about renewable energy options and how to use energy efficiently.

Conservation Clubhouse complements our other environmental initiatives such as the efforts to re-populate Kentucky barn owls and Peregrine falcons. Our co-op system has provided alternative habitats for these rare and endangered birds, and our biologists also assist the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources each year when they count the state’s endangered bat populations.