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EKPC Growing a New Environment

EKPC is helping to improve the environment by establishing a native switchgrass area at Cooper Station.

Planting switchgrass provides a number of environmental benefits. These include:

• Improving soil by adding organic matter
• Increasing water filtration into soil
• Maintaining better soil moisture
• Providing wildlife cover for nesting birds and animals like whitetail deer, and
• Reducing erosion

Also, because it is a perennial, switchgrass continues to provide these benefits year after year with little maintenance. Learn more about switchgrass at: http://www.outreachoutdoors.com/foodplots/switchgrass/benefits-of-switchgrass/

Switchgrass planting is just one of EKPC's initiatives as a partner in Kentucky's EXCEL environmental leadership program.

Other initiatives include installing bat houses, planting native trees, recycling and distributing educational wildlife posters.