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Powering communities and empowering members

A new year is the time when many of us think about where we want to go and how best to get there. The values of Kentucky's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives have always provided an excellent road map to direct our mission to make life better for members.

That purpose has guided us for more than 76 years and provides a firm foundation that we intend to build upon in 2018 and well into the future. As Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, EKPC and our owner-members pursue this mission while adhering to four core values:

Though electricity is our primary product, Kentucky's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives help members manage electricity use through a variety of ways. We are a not-for-profit organization that exists to operate in the best interest of those we serve.

Our cooperatives are governed by boards of directors who are democratically elected.

We are embracing technologies of the future through Cooperative Solar, one of the largest solar farms in the state. To sign up, go to www.cooperativesolar.com.

Commitment to Community
Our cooperative system was built on the concept of neighbors helping neighbors, and our commitment to community remains strong. It's why we sponsor Honor Flight that provides veterans an all-expense-paid trip to tour war memorials erected in their honor in the nation's capital.

Adhering to our cooperative values allows us to consistently deliver high standards of excellence to our members. It's not the easiest road to travel sometimes, but we have a great road map to help us get there. It's a journey well worth the effort.