Strategic Plan Focuses EKPC on Providing Affordable, Reliable Energy

EKPC's Board of Directors has established a future course for the organization with the adoption of a Strategic Plan.

The plan has re-focused EKPC on our core mission: to serve our member-owned cooperatives by safely delivering reliable and affordable energy and related services. The plan is also a blueprint for the future that lays out nine strategic objectives.

"This Strategic Plan will provide a strong foundation for our cooperative over the next few years," said Paul Hawkins, EKPC's Board chairman. "A great deal of thought and discussion went into developing a plan that provides clear direction for the future, and the resources and flexibility necessary to meet the challenges on the horizon."

The Strategic Plan was developed during late 2010 and early 2011, with input from EKPC's managers, directors and member-owner cooperatives. CEO Tony Campbell said the new Strategic Plan refocuses the organization on its mission.

"Since EKPC was formed, our cooperative has been dedicated to serving our 16 member-owner cooperatives by safely delivering affordable, reliable energy and related services," said Anthony "Tony" Campbell, EKPC's president & CEO. "But over the past few years we have seen a great deal of transition in the economy, the workforce, the legislative and regulatory environments, financial and fuel markets and the expectations of our member-owner cooperatives and their members. This plan will help us better prepare for and respond to those changes."

The plan establishes strategic objectives and critical success factors in the areas of operational performance, governance, financial integrity, rates and regulatory relations, generation and transmission assets, people, economic development, risk management for load loss and communications.

One key objective is to strengthen EKPC's finances. The Board established a goal of achieving a 15 percent equity-to-assets ratio by 2015.

The Strategic Plan also establishes our core values, including safety and service to our member-owners. These are the shared beliefs and culture that underlie everything we do at EKPC.