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Plugging in to electric vehicles

Dropping prices, improved technology and longer driving ranges are just a few of the reasons co-op members and others are taking a closer look at electric vehicles. In addition to the superior environmental benefits most know about, here are some important points to ponder if you're considering an EV:

There are several types.
A plug-in hybrid runs on a battery supplemented by a gas engine, and the battery charges by plugging into an electric power source. The all-electric vehicle only uses a rechargeable battery as its power source.

They offer significant savings.
Most consumers are drawn to the EV because of its lower fuel cost. Compared to a similar gas-powered model, the typical all-electric vehicle saves about 75 percent on annual fuel costs, research indicates. At current gas prices, that is typically a savings of about $1,200 each year.

All-electric cars also offer lower maintenance costs since they require no oil changes.

You have many choices.
EVs are available in almost all vehicle categories. Some are the top-rated vehicle in their automotive class, according to Consumer Reports. Prices start as low as $20,000 on popular models, and some new electrics qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

If an EV is in your future, EKPC and Kentucky's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives wants to help you make an informed decision.