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Business Travel Insurance: 
$100,000 – Benefit payable upon death if employee was traveling on EKPC business.

Employee Assistance Program: 
A confidential counseling program available to employees, their spouse and eligible dependent children for issues such as: divorce, marital problems, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, financial difficulties. Participants are allowed eight free visits per year, per individual, per issue.

Homestead Funds: 
An employee after-tax savings plan to establish regular savings account, IRA, or ROTH IRA.

Sick Leave: 
Available the first day the employee starts to work. Employees earn one day of sick leave per month of employment during the first calendar year of employment. (Example) if an employee starts to work in June of 2015, they would be eligible for seven days of sick leave the first day they started to work, however, they only earn one day per month. For example that if they take 7 days of sick leave before December of 2015 and are off sick for 3 days in December, they will not be paid for those 3 days because they had already used their sick leave for the year. On January 1, 2016 the same employee would be eligible for 12 days of sick leave for the year 2016. Sick leave will continue to accumulate. Twenty-four hours may be used as twenty-four hours Personal Time per year (employees are eligible after completing six months of employment). 

Employees Association: 
An association that acknowledges significant events in an employee's life such as birth, marriage, etc. Employees may join the association by paying an annual $5.00 membership fee.

Jury Duty:
If you are called to jury duty you will be excused from work for the required period of time.

Military Leave:
EKPC's policy is consistent with the requirements of local, state and federal laws governing employees entering and returning from military service.

Funeral Leave: 
Time off varies from 4-24 hours depending on employee's relationship to deceased.

Dues and Professional Fees:
(Civic or Professional Organizations)

Health & Wellness Activities: 
Educational information is made available to all employees.

Social Activities: 
Recreational activities (from summer picnics, volleyball, basketball, to children's Santa parties) are posted for employee participation at each location.

Holiday Pay:
Nine days per year - New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Friday following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and a Floating Holiday (taken at employee's discretion after completing six months of employment).

Allstate Cancer Insurance: 
Employee, spouse or dependents may purchase at employee's cost through payroll deduction. (Employee may only purchase at time of employment or during the open enrollment period in November.)


Benefits available after thirty days employment:

Short Term Disability: 
Employees may purchase short term disability at employee cost through payroll deduction. The short term disability plan provides a 66 2/3 benefit after a 14 day waiting period and after all paid sick leave is exhausted up to the employee returning to work or when long term disability begins whichever occurs first. (Employee may only purchase at time of employment of during the open enrollment period in November.)

401K Pension Plan: 
This plan allows employee pre-tax contributions only after 30 days. Payroll deductions can begin after the first of the month following the 30-day waiting period. Employer contributions begin the first of the month after a three month waiting period.

Benefits available after ninety days employment:

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Spending Accounts): 
Allows employee to pay medical premiums, dependent dental and vision plan premiums, unreimbursed medical, dental and vision expenses as well as dependent care expenses from pre-tax dollars. Employee may enroll or re-enroll for the following year during open enrollment in November.

EKPC offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan at rates shown on the attached Summary of Medical Benefits Comparison. EKPC also offers a high deductible medical plan with a Health Savings Account.

Rates are taken from 24 paychecks on a pre-tax basis. See attached Summary for basic coverage.

[For employed spouses to be covered without limitations on the EKPC plan, they are required to participate in their employer's group medical insurance plan as primary coverage. Single coverage on the spouse is all that is required, spouses do not have to enroll in family coverage. Does not apply to spouse working part-time] 

NOTE: If employee has 20 years of service at retirement, EKPC will pay 50% of their retiree medical premium until the retiree reaches age 65. At that time, Medicare will become primary for the retiree's claims and coverage through EKPC will end for retiree and any covered dependents.

Prescription Drug Program: 
This benefit is included in the medical plan and allows employees and eligible dependents to purchase prescription drugs through participating pharmacies or by mail order. See the attached Summary of Medical Benefits Comparison for co-pays.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA):
EKPC offers a HRA to employees that participate in medical plan.

Dental Insurance: 
EKPC offers Delta Dental for dental coverage. See the attached Summary of Dental Benefits for premiums and basic coverage.

The dental deductible is $25 per individual, no more than $50 per family per year. The maximum benefit per year per participant is $1,500. Claims are reimbursed at the following rates for reasonable and customary eligible expenses:

Preventive - 100% (not subject to deductible) which includes cleanings, x-rays and exams

Routine - 90% which includes fillings & root canals

Major Restorative - 60% which includes crowns, partials or dentures, and implants.

Orthodontic coverage until age 19.

Employees can change dependent coverage during open enrollment in November.

*Rates are based on 24 pay periods on a pre-tax basis.

Vision Insurance: 
See the attached Vision Summary of Benefits for premiums and basic coverage.

The vision plan does not cover special types of lenses such as anti-glare, anti scratch, tint etc. Progressive lenses (no line bifocals) are covered.

*Rates are based on 24 pay periods on a pre-tax basis.

NOTE: If the employee does not elect coverage on self &/or any dependents when they first become eligible(and remain in the plan), certain benefit restrictions apply for the first 12 months an employee or eligible participant is brought into the plan for the first time.

Additional Life Insurance and AD&D for employee, spouse or dependents may be purchased at employee's cost through payroll deduction. (Employee may only purchase at time of employment or during the open enrollment period in November.)

Educational Assistance Program: 
This is a tuition reimbursement program which pays tuition for formalized course studies at accredited institutions and distance learning programs.


Benefits available after 3 months employment:
Provided at no cost to the employee.

Basic Group Term Life Insurance and AD&D for Employee -
two times annual base salary, rounded to next $1,000

NOTE: If employee has 20 years of service at retirement, EKPC will pay 50% of their $10,000 retiree life insurance premium

Dependent Group Term Life Insurance
$10,000-children up to age 26

Long Term Disability Insurance: 
This benefit provides 2/3 of an employee's base salary in effect on the date of disability. Benefits will be coordinated with Social Security, workers' compensation, and retirement benefits. This coverage begins after a 90 day waiting period.

401k Pension Plan: 
This retirement plan is funded by employer contributions and also employee pre-tax contributions by payroll deduction. Employee contributions begin after the first of the month following the three month waiting period. 

EKPC will fund 6% of the employee's base wages into their 401k account

EKPC will also match 100% of the employee's contribution up to 4 percent of base salary.

NOTE: Approved rollovers from a previous employer's qualified pension plan(s) are allowed prior to completing the eligibility period.


Benefits available after 180 days of employment:

New employees are eligible for vacation after 180 calendar days of employment at the following accruals:

If employed in:

after 180 days of employment,
this much vacation is available: 


80 hours in July in same calendar year


80 hours in August in same calendar year


80 hours in September in same calendar year


72 hours in October in same calendar year


 64 hours in November in same calendar year


 56 hours in December in same calendar year


 128 hours in January of second calendar year of employment


120 hours in February of second calendar year of employment


 112 hours in March of second calendar year of employment


 104 hours in April of second calendar year of employment


 96 hours in May of second calendar year of employment


 88 hours in June of second calendar year of employment

After completing 12 months of employment with EKPC, effective January 1 of the second calendar year of employment, the accrual is as follows:

Full Calendar Year of Employment Completed

Vacation Earned

2nd through 5th

80 hours


88 hours


96 hours


104 hours


112 hours


120 hours


128 hours


136 hours


144 hours


152 hours

15th and after

160 hours

Employees can carry over 80 vacation hours into the next year. The payroll period date nearest the employment or separation date, as the case may be, shall be used as the basis for computing vacation days.



Any new full time employee will participate in a two-day orientation process during their first month of employment. The program is explained below.

The purpose:
To welcome the employee and to provide a complete overview of EKPC, its member systems, and the electric industry.

To create a safe working and comfortable learning environment while building a lasting and valued relationship.

To teach basic use of applicable EKPC communication tools such as the telephone (including voice-mail), e-mail, the intranet, the internet, etc. 

To set clear, mutual expectations of EKPC and the employee.

To offer resources, help, and growth for each employee.

Drug Free Workplace Policy:
(Administrative Policy A015) Prohibits employees from using, possessing, distributing and being under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace.

A corporate-wide random drug testing policy went into effect starting in April 2001. The number of random drug tests conducted annually will be equal to at least 25% of the number of employees. The number of random alcohol tests conducted annually will be equal to at least 10% of the number of employees. 

The policy also includes pre-employment drug testing, accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and rehabilitation and treatment.


Medical summary of benefits
2018 Medical Plan PDF

Dental summary of benefits
2016 Dental Plan PDF


Vision summary of benefits



Eye Examinations

100% of eligible Reasonable and Customary Charges, maximum one exam every calendar year.

Lenses or Contacts (1)
(tinted, photosensitive, antireflective  lenses are not covered)

100% of eligible Reasonable and Customary Charges, maximum two lenses every calendar year.

Disposable Contact Lenses (1)

100% of eligible Reasonable and Customary Charges, up to a 12-month supply every calendar year.


100% of eligible Reasonable and Customary Charges, maximum one set every 2 years; maximum $60 benefit.

Maximum Benefit per Service

Reasonable and Customary Charges

Payroll Deduction Rate
(pre-tax deductions taken from 24 pay periods) Per pay period amounts

Employee only: $ 5.14
Employee plus spouse: 11.29
Employee plus child(ren):  12.54
Family: 18.19

Benefit is limited to either 2 lenses or 2 contact lenses or a 12-month supply of disposable contact lenses every 12 consecutive months.  A twelve-month supply is defined by the specific manufacturer's recommended usage guidelines.