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Environmental Stewardship at EKPC
We’re not just talking about environmental conservation…
we’re doing it.

We employ three full-time biologists who ensure that we protect endangered species and archaeological treasures, and that we comply with the National Environmental Policy Act.

It's Our Kentucky Home
From the majestic mountains to the rolling farmlands to the clear lakes and rivers, Kentucky is filled with natural treasures. Like our members, we live, work and play here. And we're serious about being good stewards of the environment. Here are just a few examples:

Cooperative Solar :
Co-op members who want to help the environment and future generations by powering their home or business with renewable energy will soon have their chance.

DSM/Renewable Collaborative:
Working together to expand the use of renewable energy and explore demand side management programs.
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Conservation Clubhouse:
Co-op biologists teach students about Kentucky's natural treasures in a hands-on presentation the students never forget..

KY Excel Member:
This program performs annual volunteer conservation projects.


Barn Owl Program:
EKPC supports one of the state's rarest bird species by providing new homes for Kentucky's Barn Owls.

Rare Plant Conservation Program:
EKPC is enhancing Kentucky's natural beauty by protecting threatened and endangered plants and flowers.

Venomous Snake Program:
Due to EKPC's educational efforts, Kentuckians who work outdoors are learning more about snakes, and how to identify those that are venomous.


Stewardship Highlights

Peregrine Falcons
Environmental Protection Reaches New Heights.

Air Quality is Job #1
Tests ensure environmental protection.

Planting Switchgrass
EKPC growing a new environment.