Transmission Function Positions

Standards of Conduct




Making Power
EKPC supplies electricity through two coal-fired stations: H.L. Spurlock Station located near Maysville and John Sherman Cooper Station located near Somerset.

EKPC also generates power using combustion turbines (CTs) at Bluegrass Station in Oldham County and at J.K. Smith Station located in Trapp, near Winchester. The CTs, which run on natural gas or fuel oil, operate when peak electric demand is highest (usually the hottest and coldest days of the year). In 2003, EKPC became the first utility in Kentucky to generate its own renewable power when it began operating its first plant fueled by methane gas from landfills. Today, EKPC has six landfill gas plants.

EKPC purchases hydropower through Laurel and Wolf Creek dams and the federal Southeastern Power Administration.