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75 Years of Making Lives Better With Affordable, Reliable Electricity

Since it was founded in 1941, EKPC’s job has been to provide affordable, reliable electricity to its owner-member cooperatives. Electric cooperatives nationwide played a crucial role in revolutionizing the way rural Americans live, work and play.

During the Great Depression, only one in 10 rural homes had electricity. Farmers welcomed the first power lines because they knew that having electricity would dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

On July 7, 1941, the owner-member cooperatives formed the not-for-profit cooperative that became EKPC. Based in Winchester, EKPC today generates and transmits power to 16 owner-member cooperatives.

EKPC operates generating plants in Clark, Mason and Pulaski counties and renewable energy plants in Boone, Greenup, Hardin, Laurel, Pendleton and Mason counties. Today, EKPC generates more green power than any other utility in Kentucky at six plants that are fueled by methane collected from landfills. In fact, EKPC was the first utility in Kentucky to generate green power.

Our 16 owner-member cooperatives are owned by the people and businesses they serve. Likewise, EKPC is owned by the 16 co-ops it serves. (That’s why EKPC is sometimes referred to as a “cooperative of cooperatives.”) As a result, EKPC and its owner-members remain focused on providing electricity as affordably and reliably as possible, the same as they did 70 years ago.