Owner-Member Cooperatives  
EKPC's 16 owner-member cooperatives serve 87 Kentucky counties.

Click on the Kentucky's Touchstone Energy logo below for a list of the owner-member cooperatives and a link to their Web sites.

What is a member cooperative?
East Kentucky Power Cooperative is owned and governed by 16 other Kentucky electrical cooperatives. We call these our member cooperatives. Together, these 16 co-ops distribute power to more than 1 million Kentuckians in 87 counties.

Each of the member co-ops serves a certain geographical region. Many have names that tell, more-or-less, where they're based or which area they cover, such as Shelby Energy, based in Shelby County, or Taylor County RECC, based in Taylor County. All 16 co-ops are locally operated, not-for-profit companies that are themselves owned by the people and businesses they serve.

EKPC generates the electric power that each of these 16 owner-members distributes locally. EKPC and its owner-members remain focused on providing electricity as affordably and reliably as possible, the same as we did 75 years ago when EKPC began.