Everything Begins With Safety

At East Kentucky Power Cooperative, the safety of our employees is our top priority.

Providing affordable, reliable power every second of every day often means strenuous work under harsh conditions. But with proper training and equipment, every job can be performed safely.

To promote a safe, secure and healthy environment, both at work and at home, EKPC has established safety as our top priority. The goal is to achieve and maintain an injury-free workplace.

EKPC has a Central Safety Committee (CSC) to provide strategic oversight and guidance to safety. The CSC is led by CEO Tony Campbell and also includes his entire executive staff. The committee also includes the manager of Corporate Safety and Security, Plant Managers and other leaders throughout the organization and the team leaders of our five process improvement teams. Those teams include the following: Safety Observations, Incident Investigation, Rules and Procedures, Communications and Activities, and Contractor Safety and are staffed by employees from all over the organization. The CSC has adopted five key safety principles to guide the daily lives of all employees. This committee ensures that both management and employees have a voice in setting safety strategy for the organization.

At the end of each day it's a very simple concept, we want everyone to go home safely to their family members who depend on them. It's why safety is our highest priority.